Never Know What You’ll Find in Storage Or Welcome to a Treasure Chest of Memories!

I am very fortunate to have two sweet, family oriented sisters. Although neither are as obsessed with family history as me, they are very supportive. My youngest sis found a box that she’d had in storage while out of the country and began to try to identify some of the pictures. The pictures were all mixed up and many not labeled, so she called me, hoping I might be able to figure some of it out. I was delighted to help and really excited when I began to look at the contents.

My Nana, Mildred Caroline Gollofon Sanders, was a great scrapbooker and labeled photos…unless the contents seemed obvious to her. Not always obvious nearly 100 years later to her myopic granddaughter, but my detective skills improve with time. One of the treasures is an “Autograph” book which is filled with pictures. The pictures below are on the first two pages after the title page which is inscribed: Mildred Gollofon, Christmas 1913. I have no idea who the person on the left is, but hope I will one of these days. In the picture to the right is the only picture that I have ever seen of our great-grandfather, Frank Robert Gollofon <labeled Dad in the picture>. My fingers are crossed for more.

Nana's "Autograph Book"

Nana’s “Autograph Book”

The picture of “Irene’s House” on Alki Boulevard brings back memories of the huge landslide that pushed her house nearly off the foundation and filled her back porch with dirt and debris. I remember going there with my parents and marveling at the amount of dirt piled up in the back. There may be pictures of that event somewhere among the family pictures, too.

Some of the pictures in the box are familiar but there were many that I’ve never seen before. Just as wonderful are the various news clippings, scrapbooks and letters that answer some questions and fill out the lives of many of these folks who may only have been names and dates to us before this. I’m only part way through.

In addition to interesting articles and pictures of family  and friends in the box – they range from pre 1900 to 1960s so far – there are some pictures of the subject of this post that I’ve not seen before now. Here’s an especially lovely one:

Mildred Gollofon 1918

Mildred Gollofon 1918

When I was a small child we lived next to our Sanders grandparents. I have some wonderful memories of playing at my grandma’s and was very upset when we outgrew our house and moved to the suburbs for “better” schools and a bigger house. Our father was an only child and Nana honed her spoiling skills on him and continued with me. Imagine I was quite the handful by the time we moved. One of my earliest memories is of the 1948 earthquake in Seattle which we spent in my Nana’s backyard. I remember the path and the Irises moving in waves. I thought it was quite wonderful so she must have stayed calm.

Needless to say, I’m having a great time with this box. I understand there’s yet another to come!

By the way, this is what the site of the house pictured above looks like today. Wonder what our Aunt Rene (Lily Irene Gollofon), Nana’s sister, would think of it now? I bet she’d like it! I bet they both would.

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